What is AM:DM

AM:DM (Abstract Machines: Device Manager) is an advanced IoT device management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that addresses the intricate challenges of IoT device security and management. At its core, AM:DM is built upon the powerful foundation of the open-source Magistrala IoT platform.

One of AM:DM's standout features is its ability to provide fine-grained access control over a wide range of IoT protocols, including MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and WebSocket. This capability is crucial in ensuring secure device communication. AM:DM empowers users to define and enforce customized policies, enhancing device identity, authentication, and authorization security.

AM:DM simplifies fleet management for IoT devices across both cloud and edge environments, offering developers and organizations a robust framework to ensure the highest levels of device security.


How AM:DM Works

AM:DM is a comprehensive IoT management solution that operates seamlessly between your IoT devices and cloud infrastructure.

At its core, AM:DM consists of two key components:

  • Cloud Component (SaaS): In the cloud, AM:DM's Policy Decision Point (PDP) executes pre-defined rules and policies for authentication and authorization decisions. It ensures that your IoT devices are securely connected and operate according to your specified access controls.
  • On-Premise Component (AProxy): AProxy, an open-source IoT protocol proxy, serves as the Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) within your on-premise infrastructure. It safeguards your IoT backend by enforcing authentication and authorization checks. Importantly, AProxy communicates with AM:DM's cloud component via secure HTTP or gRPC connections, exchanging only authorization data. Your IoT messages remain within your private cloud, with AProxy routing them directly to your private IoT backend, never leaving your data center.

AM:DM's architecture ensures that your IoT data remains secure and confidential within your organization's infrastructure while benefiting from centralized and robust access control provided by the cloud component. This combination offers a powerful and trusted solution for managing your IoT ecosystem.

Key Features of AM:DM

Device Identity

Empower your IoT ecosystem with streamlined device identity management. Effortlessly manage device registration, configuration, monitoring, and lifecycle operations through an intuitive interface.

IoT Authentication and Authorization

Enhance the security of your IoT ecosystem with robust data protection and access control mechanisms. Implement encryption, authentication, and fine-grained access policies to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Device Grouping and Organization

Effortlessly organize your IoT devices into groups and sub-groups with infinite hierarchies. Create logical structures that suit your IoT ecosystem and attach customized policies at the group level for simplified management and control.

Efficient Configuration

Streamline your IoT infrastructure with advanced configuration capabilities. Implement remote configuration, zero-touch provisioning, and bootstrapping server functionality to optimize performance, reduce latency, and simplify device setup and management.

IoT Backend Agnosticism

Unlock seamless connectivity and communication for your IoT devices while retaining your existing IoT messaging backends. Plus, rest assured that your IoT messages never leave your private cloud—AM:DM's on-premise component, aProxy, ensures that IoT data remains within your secure environment, enhancing data privacy and security.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

AM:DM streamlines the process of managing and deploying OTA updates for your IoT devices. This includes firmware updates, security patches, and feature enhancements, ensuring that your devices remain up-to-date and secure without the need for physical interventions.

Integration with 3rd Party Systems

AM:DM provides seamless integration capabilities with a variety of third-party systems, including LDAP, Active Directory, custom identity databases, and more. This empowers you to effortlessly connect AM:DM with your existing infrastructure, ensuring a unified and cohesive IoT ecosystem while leveraging your preferred authentication and authorization systems.

Developer Tools and Resources

Accelerate IoT product development with a rich set of developer tools, libraries, and SDKs. Simplify tasks, access pre-built components, and leverage resources to create efficient and innovative IoT solutions.


aProxy - Secure IoT Proxy

aProxy is the backbone of your secure IoT infrastructure. It's an open-source, lightweight, and highly transparent component of AM:DM that acts as a Secure IoT Proxy. With aProxy, you gain unparalleled control and assurance over your IoT ecosystem.

Being open-source, aProxy allows customers to review its source code, ensuring complete transparency and security. This transparency instills confidence, as you can analyze and verify its functionality, making it a perfect fit for on-premise installations within your private clouds. aProxy is the key to securing your IoT backend while enforcing authentication and authorization checks with zero data exposure outside your private infrastructure.

Bootstrap - Automated Device Configuration

Magistrala's Bootstrap feature simplifies IoT device configuration by automating the provisioning process and enabling remote configuration. Here's how it works:

  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: Devices are added to the network with minimal manual intervention. They securely connect to the network and obtain initial configurations automatically.
  • Remote Configuration: Magistrala allows for the remote configuration of IoT devices, eliminating the need for on-site manual setups. Devices can be configured and updated from a central location, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
  • Bootstrap Server: The Bootstrap server in Magistrala is modeled after the OMA LwM2M standard, ensuring compatibility and security. It facilitates secure device registration and initial setup, guaranteeing a robust foundation for device deployment.
Magistrala IoT Platform
Integration with 3rd Party Services

Integration With 3rd Party Systems

AM:DM offers comprehensive integration capabilities through APIs, SDKs, and client libraries, enabling seamless connectivity with various third-party systems. Whether you use LDAP, Active Directory, custom identity databases, or other services, AM:DM simplifies the integration process.

Our API integration allows you to programmatically access and interact with AM:DM's features, ensuring your IoT ecosystem remains cohesive and synchronized with your existing infrastructure. The available SDKs and client libraries streamline development tasks, making it easier to connect and communicate with third-party systems.

This robust integration capability empowers you to create a unified IoT ecosystem while leveraging your preferred authentication and authorization systems. It promotes flexibility and interoperability, allowing you to tailor AM:DM to your specific needs.

Open-Source SDKs, Libraries, Tools, Documentation, and Architectural Blueprints

AM:DM empowers your IoT ecosystem with a rich suite of open-source resources designed to simplify IoT development. Our offerings include Software Development Kits (SDKs), libraries, tools, comprehensive documentation, and architectural blueprints.

Our SDKs provide developers with pre-built components and APIs to expedite IoT application development. The libraries offer essential functionalities to enhance your IoT solutions. Our tools streamline development tasks, while the documentation serves as a valuable reference for integrating and using AM:DM effectively.

Architectural blueprints provide guidance for building complex IoT solutions using AM:DM device management and Magistrala IoT multi-protocol messaging. They offer insights into best practices and proven approaches to maximize the potential of our platforms.

AM:DM's open-source approach ensures that you have the freedom and flexibility to customize, extend, and optimize your IoT ecosystem with confidence. Our resources empower you to create secure, reliable, and scalable IoT solutions that are future-ready.


Developers Use AM:DM For:

IoT Sensor Management

Manage IoT sensors with ease using AM:DM. Monitor sensor data, set alerts, and optimize sensor deployments for your IoT applications.

Edge Gateway Management

Efficiently manage edge gateways with AM:DM. Configure, monitor, and secure gateways to ensure seamless data flow between IoT devices and the cloud.

Secure IoT Applications

Build and deploy secure IoT applications with AM:DM. Leverage our robust security features to protect your IoT ecosystem and user data.

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