What is Magistrala

The Magistrala IoT Platform, formerly known as Mainflux, is a cutting-edge IoT infrastructure solution designed to empower organizations and developers in building secure, scalable, and innovative IoT applications. Developed by Abstract Machines, this platform provides a comprehensive suite of open-source frameworks, libraries, and APIs that facilitate seamless connectivity between IoT devices, efficient data stream management, and integration with various systems.

Security is at the core of the Magistrala IoT Platform. Abstract Machines is committed to delivering software that is highly resilient against cyber threats. The platform incorporates advanced encryption protocols, robust security frameworks, and other essential tools, ensuring that developers can create IoT applications with the utmost security.

Magistrala is dedicated to fostering a thriving open-source community of developers and contributors. The platform hosts events, facilitates discussion forums, and offers extensive training and support to empower developers interested in leveraging its tools and technologies. By collaborating and innovating together, Magistrala envisions a future for IoT that is open, secure, and full of possibilities.

Magistrala Features

Multi-Protocol Messaging

Magistrala IoT Platform empowers your IoT ecosystem with versatile multi-protocol messaging capabilities. Seamlessly handle communication from a wide array of IoT devices, each using different communication protocols. This ensures that your devices can effortlessly exchange data, making your IoT infrastructure both flexible and efficient.

Device and Payload Agnostic

Magistrala IoT Platform is agnostic to the type of IoT devices you use and the payload content they transmit. Whether you have microcontrollers, LPWAN devices, or any other hardware, Magistrala seamlessly connects and communicates with them. Additionally, it accommodates diverse message formats, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your IoT data, regardless of its content and structure.

Superior Security

Magistrala IoT Platform places a paramount emphasis on security within your IoT ecosystem. It incorporates robust data protection and access control mechanisms, including advanced features like encryption, authentication, and fine-grained access policies. Additionally, Magistrala integrates seamlessly with Google Zanzibar for distributed policy management, further enhancing the integrity and confidentiality of your IoT data.

Efficient and Cloud-native

Magistrala IoT Platform leverages a cloud-native architecture, incorporating microservices for efficient and scalable deployment. This approach enables you to build, deploy, and manage your IoT applications seamlessly in the cloud. Additionally, Magistrala offers robust remote monitoring, comprehensive metrics, and detailed logs, ensuring you have complete visibility and control over your IoT ecosystem's performance and health.

Extensible - IoT Protocol Adapters

Magistrala IoT Platform is extensible and comes equipped with a rich library of existing IoT protocol adapters within the open-source Magistrala Core. These adapters facilitate seamless communication between IoT devices and cloud services, supporting a wide range of IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and more. Additionally, the platform allows you to easily develop and deploy custom adapters, ensuring flexibility and compatibility for reliable and efficient messaging across diverse IoT devices and services.

Pluggable Storage and Message Brokers

Magistrala IoT Platform offers flexibility in your choice of databases, as it implements interfaces that allow you to connect various databases. Whether you prefer SQL, NoSQL, or other database solutions, Magistrala supports pluggable storage options to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, Magistrala provides seamless integration with a variety of message brokers, including NATS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, and more, enabling you to tailor your IoT infrastructure to your exact needs for efficient communication and data processing.

UI and Open APIs

Magistrala IoT Platform provides an open-source user interface (UI) that empowers you to effortlessly manage your IoT ecosystem. Additionally, Magistrala offers open APIs that adhere to the OpenAPI standard, ensuring consistency and compatibility. These APIs are thoughtfully documented, enabling you to easily integrate Magistrala into your existing systems and build custom applications that meet your specific needs, all while maintaining a consistent user experience.

High Code Quality and Well Tested

Magistrala IoT Platform is built with a strong commitment to high code quality and reliability. Our development follows best open-source practices, ensuring that the platform is robust, secure, and well-tested. We maintain comprehensive test coverage, rigorously testing our codebase to guarantee its stability and performance. Embrace the confidence that comes with a platform designed with meticulous care and a dedication to open-source excellence.

Open-Source Tools, SDKs, and Libraries

Magistrala IoT Platform goes beyond just connectivity—it equips you with a rich ecosystem of open-source tools, SDKs, and libraries. Whether you're developing firmware, building device drivers, managing networking protocols, or rolling out OTA updates, our open-source resources empower you to streamline development tasks and create innovative, efficient IoT solutions. Join our thriving community of developers and explore the vast toolkit that Magistrala offers.

Open-Source and Free

Magistrala IoT Platform is proudly open-source, embracing the collaborative spirit of innovation. It operates under the permissive Apache-2.0 license, empowering you to accelerate your IoT product development. With Magistrala, you gain access to a scalable and versatile IoT platform that's backed by a vibrant open-source community, ensuring the freedom to customize and extend your IoT ecosystem.

Downolad Magistrala IoT Platform:

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Magistrala Architecture

Magistrala, designed by Abstract Machines, represents the future of IoT messaging platforms. Its architecture is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern IoT applications, providing engineers and developers with a powerful toolkit for building scalable, adaptable, and resilient systems.

Microservices and Cloud-Native: At its core, Magistrala embraces a microservices-based architecture, ensuring not only scalability but also cloud-native compatibility. It's ready for deployment in Kubernetes clusters, enabling seamless scaling and management in cloud environments.

Protocol Adapters: Magistrala's standout feature lies in its versatile messaging adapters that seamlessly handle various IoT protocols. These adapters are the backbone of Magistrala's adaptability, accommodating MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and more, facilitating seamless communication across diverse devices.

Pluggable Brokers: Magistrala offers flexibility by providing interchangeable central brokers through interface implementations. You can choose between NATS, Kafka, or RabbitMQ based on your preferences and requirements. Additionally, thanks to mProxy technology, Magistrala supports pluggable MQTT brokers, enhancing flexibility and compatibility.

Pluggable Data Storage: Data storage in Magistrala follows a pluggable approach. You have the freedom to select your preferred database backend, whether it's PostgreSQL, Timescale, MongoDB, Cassandra, InfluxDB, or others. Magistrala provides comprehensive APIs for DB Writers and Readers, ensuring seamless integration and efficient data management.

Data Processing: To enhance your IoT ecosystem, Magistrala includes a versatile message transformation library. Additionally, it offers a Digital Twin service, modeled after AWS Device Shadows, to streamline device management and control.

CLI, SDK, and UI: Magistrala caters to both developers and administrators with its Command Line Interface (CLI), Software Development Kit (SDK), and an open-source User Interface (UI). This comprehensive suite of tools empowers users to efficiently manage, monitor, and develop their IoT deployments.

Magistrala Architecture
Magistrala IoT Protocol Adapters

Protocol Adapters and Connectors

Elevate your IoT ecosystem with Magistrala, the ultimate IoT messaging platform designed to excel in scalability and versatility. Magistrala shines in seamlessly bridging a diverse range of industrial protocols, ensuring your devices communicate effortlessly. Our platform empowers real-time event management and boasts support for a wide array of databases to ensure efficient message storage.

Magistrala's protocol adapters are the backbone of its flexibility and adaptability. With microservice features, clusterability, and the capacity to handle millions of device connections and parallel messages, our platform effortlessly accommodates different IoT protocols. Whether it's MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, or others, Magistrala protocol adapters ensure your IoT communications are secure, reliable, and future-ready.

Scalability, High Availability, and Fault Tolerance

Magistrala, the ultimate IoT messaging platform, is designed to empower your IoT ecosystem with unmatched scalability, fault tolerance, and high availability. Its microservices-based architecture ensures each service is stateless or clusterable, allowing for horizontal scaling based on your needs. This cloud-native platform seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes, providing robust orchestration capabilities for your IoT infrastructure. Magistrala prioritizes fault tolerance, high availability, and automatic fault recovery, guaranteeing uninterrupted IoT operations. Comprehensive monitoring solutions, including remote logs, metrics, and tracing, enable you to gain deep insights, diagnose issues proactively, and optimize performance effectively.

Magistrala IoT Platform
Magistrala IoT Platform

Interface Abstractions - Pluggable Identities, Message Brokers, Authorization, and Storage

Magistrala, the ultimate IoT messaging platform, offers the flexibility of interface implementations for pluggable components, including message brokers and data storage. This architecture allows you to choose the central broker that best suits your requirements, with options such as NATS, Kafka, or RabbitMQ, all seamlessly integrated. Magistrala also supports pluggable MQTT brokers, thanks to its innovative mProxy technology, enhancing your flexibility and compatibility.

For user identities, Magistrala provides the capability to integrate with third-party services like LDAP or Active Directory, allowing you to manage user access seamlessly. Additionally, Magistrala's authorization microservice is designed to support pluggable Google Zanzibar implementations such as SpiceDB or Ory Keto, enabling fine-grained access control for your IoT ecosystem.

When it comes to data storage, Magistrala provides a range of choices, including PostgreSQL, Timescale, MongoDB, Cassandra, InfluxDB, and more. With comprehensive APIs for DB Writers and Readers, Magistrala simplifies integration and efficient data management for your IoT ecosystem.

Open-source and Free

Magistrala, the ultimate IoT messaging platform, is an open-source project that has been free from its inception. It's released under the permissive Apache-2.0 license, making it not only a powerful choice for your IoT ecosystem but also suitable for commercial use. Maintained by Abstract Machines and a global community of passionate contributors, Magistrala embodies the spirit of open-source collaboration, ensuring constant innovation and reliability.

Magistrala IoT Platform

Developers Use Magistrala IoT Core For:

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Magistrala IoT platform serves as the backbone for Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications, supporting industrial protocols like Sparkplug MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, BACnet, and more. It facilitates seamless data exchange, edge computing through gateways, robust security measures, and ensures real-time insights for critical industrial processes.

Enterprise IoT

In Enterprise IoT, Magistrala's adaptable microservice architecture empowers the development and deployment of IoT solutions tailored to the unique demands of modern enterprises. Harness the capabilities of 5G connectivity, efficiently manage and scale microservices, and optimize resource utilization to enhance system performance.

Consumer IoT

Magistrala streamlines Consumer IoT with support for multiple protocols, making it a device-agnostic and easy-to-integrate platform. Whether you're working on smart homes or wearables, Magistrala offers open-source flexibility and a rich set of SDKs for seamless development and customization.

Magistrala by Abstract Machines powers real-time metering on the edge for Intel. Learn more about how Magistrala enhances Intel's advanced edge metering solutions in this article, which also showcases our IoT platform's seamless integration with EdgeX Foundry, a project under the Linux Foundation.

Magistrala, the IoT platform developed by Abstract Machines, plays a pivotal role in enabling Ericsson's cutting-edge orchestration of IoT slices. This innovative approach is elaborated in detail in a scientific paper titled 'Enabling the Orchestration of IoT Slices through Edge and Cloud Microservice Platforms'.

Target relies on Magistrala by Abstract Machines as the underlying substrate of their IoT platform, deployed both in the cloud and on the edge within their stores. This strategic implementation of Magistrala empowers Target to leverage real-time IoT data for a diverse range of innovative applications, as demonstrated in this informative video.

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