AM Products for the Cloud-Edge Continuum

Abstract Machines creates a platform to connect and manage devices and applications across the cloud and edge with ease. Fine-grained access control with a sophisticated policy and identity management system helps securely connect devices over constrained IoT protocols - like MQTT or CoAP. Embrace the future of IoT technology confidently, and simplify your IoT device management with our cutting-edge platform.

AM:DM - Secure Device Management

AM:DM enables secure device management in the cloud-edge continuum. Create, group, share, and monitor devices with simple APIs. It offers sophisticated identity management, certificate, and key management. Ensure IoT ecosystem security with robust data protection and access control. Implement encryption, authentication, and fine-grained access policies.

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Magistrala - Scalable IoT Messaging

Magistrala IoT platform offers scalable IoT messaging, providing seamless integration for MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and WebSocket protocols. It leverages clustered, fault-tolerant, and highly-available servers to ensure dependable performance. Elevate your IoT infrastructure with real-time event management, support for various industrial protocols, and efficient message storage solutions.

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