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Abstract Machines is an IoT infrastructure and security company located in Paris, specializing in developing software and tools to help organizations and developers create secure and scalable IoT applications. The company focuses on developing open-source frameworks, libraries, and APIs that allow developers to connect IoT devices, manage data streams, and integrate with other systems.

Security is a top priority at Abstract Machines, with the company highly committed to creating software that is resistant to cyber attacks. Abstract Machines develops encryption protocols, security frameworks, and other tools to enable developers to build secure IoT applications. The company's goal is to provide a secure and trusted platform for developers to build on, allowing them to concentrate on developing innovative IoT solutions without the worry of security risks.

Abstract Machines is an open-source company that is actively fostering a community of developers and contributors who can help to improve its software and drive innovation in the IoT industry. The company hosts events, creates discussion forums, and offers training and support to developers interested in utilizing its tools and technologies. Abstract Machines believes that by working together, a better future for IoT can be created that is open, secure, and innovative.


Abstract Machines is founded and managed by Drasko Draskovic, a renowned expert in the IoT domain, with a strong reputation in the open-source community.

Drasko is an IoT and cloud-computing expert with over 20 years of professional experience. He hacked embedded Linux SW and HW device drivers, designing complex wireless systems in the telecom industry: he worked on the OMAP platform at Texas Instruments, designed 4G multi-protocol femto-cells at Alcatel-Lucent, and worked on 5G and blockchain solutions at Nokia.

Drasko earned his reputation in the open-source community as the author of numerous projects like WeIO or Mainflux. He is one of the main contributors to the Linux Foundation's EdgeX Foundry project, where he served on the Technical Steering Committee, and won various contribution and innovation awards. While at Nokia, Drasko served as a technical manager of CONFIDENTIAL6G, a large-scale EU research project that focuses on Confidential Computing and post-quantum cryptography.

Drasko is the author of the book "Scalable Architecture for the Internet of Things" published by O'Reilly and is a vibrant conference speaker, sharing his thoughts on modern software design and how the future Internet should be designed. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering from Belgrade University.

Drasko Draskovic - Founder

Drasko Draskovic

Founder & CEO

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